How It Works


This is the basic lay-out. For every client, we adjust the amount and position of Project Managers and engineers as necessary. Consider these projects from last month;

Case study 1: Educational Startup

WordPivot (
7 people, 8 months

They needed: an iPad app with a backend in AWS
What we did: management, development and design of project.

Client stressed the importance of flexibility during the development process. They chose to participate in LINE partially in order to have the relevant in-house knowledge to quickly expand business to the greater Asian market. They chose for a Vietnamese Project manager, and a Japanese designer. We adjusted the number of staff as needed.

Case study 1: Educational Startup

Case Study 2: TV Hardware Project

Smartphone TV development
23 people, 6 months

They needed: a total solution for the delivery of TV content to android devices
What we did: management, development, design, marketing, publication on Google Play
Client was looking for a cheap but total solution for delivering their content on mobile. Expressed  the need for experience in embedded Android development. We compiled an amazing team from our more seasoned engineers together with freshly-hired programmers who proved to be disciplined. They were led by our Vietnamese Project Manager who continually consulted with both a Japanese and an Indian Project Manager at the client company, while also leading hardware development with an external company.

Case Study 2: TV Hardware Project