Save money, ship quality software. or:
How to make your IT projects succeed by leveraging
Japanese know-how in Vietnam.

Of course, you have considered outsourcing. But you don’t want to be the guy that spends the next few months re-writing specs, explaining the obvious, dealing with hidden costs and trying to have the people ‘over there’ work together with the people in your actual office.

Outsourcing might be cheap, but incompetence is expensive. Even worse, good programmers are extremely scarce. We also had trouble finding them, so we went looking in Vietnam. One year later, we run a small, local IT company employing a full-time crew of 45 amazing people. And the good news is, we’re sharing them.

Here’s what you need to know.

When LINE?

You only pay for the programmers you need, when you need them. And we’re very flexible about that.

Instead of hiring one guy to alternate between overwork and idling around, you could for example pay an entire team for three months of work every c of years.

Unlike traditional outsourcing, you will be able to train your Vietnamese team to function as (part of) your development force in the long term.

We are based in Vietnam, one of the few places where the top talent hasn’t been lured out of the talent pool by big outsourcing companies (yet).

We have an enthusiastically multi-linguistic, multi-talented team. But if you’d find some skill missing, we’re not afraid to hire to meet demand.

Our local engineers are selected, trained and supervised by experienced Project Managers from our main office in Tokyo, who document and verify their work.

For a fraction of the cost at home, we can deliver high quality on iPhone/Android applications, web development, cloud integration, mission critical systems and everything in between.

We have experience with rapid development, short feedback circles, and helping any (lean) startup, consistently from MVP to long term support.

As an added bonus, you’ll add to your team a significant working knowledge of the Greater East-Asian market.


If you 'just want the job done', but also when you need some creativity, initiative or engagement from your developers.

If you 'want it done now', but also when you need the same developers that know your code to be there the next few years

If you want the comfort zone of a small team of developers you get to know personally, but also need to leverage the skills and experience of our entire team.

Then, use LINE.